Wellex Group is pleased to announce that its ongoing exploration programme which includes diamond drilling, surface trenching and stripping programs have uncovered various high quality anthracite coal seams at its Aloe Anthracite Coal Project located in Vryheid, a re-emerging anthracite coal district of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

The coal deposits at Aloe Anthracite Project are estimated to be just over 6 million tonnes and historically known to be one of the best anthracite qualities in South Africa with <12% Ash, <1% Sulphur, <8% Volatile Matter and over 75% Fixed Carbon.

The fast-growing Wellex Group has acquired over ten properties in the area with an in-situ resource of over 100 million tonnes of low sulphur anthracite coal and is turning them into thriving operations whose product is sought in competitive international markets including, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil etc.

Mr Topman Ngonyama, the Group CEO at Wellex believes that the anthracite market shall continue to blossoms though South Africa has joined the wealthy nations to speed up their shift away from fossil fuels, because Anthracite coal is environmentally cleaner than other fossil fuels in comparison to the most common ones in use… due to its low sulphur content and multiple applications.